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Guerrilla NFT

2022-WORKSHOP/PERFORMANCE. This is a Workshop addressed to those who have concerns with NFTs, blockchain, the metaverse, media Art, digital culture, critical economy and hacktivism. Theoretically, it introduces concepts, examples, art-works […]

METAMANTEROS, Digital activists in Web3

2022-ART/NET. The Web3 expose a new paradigm in terms of human labour, economics, data and planetary resources. It is promoted by companies obsessed with finding new forms of commercialization and […]

A definitively unfinished AI.

2021-ART/INSTALLATION. This project focuses on the sustainable values of machine learning (ML), carbon emissions and electricity consumption produced by ML neural network training, and calls for efficient use of GPUs […]

Bitcoin Miner Orchestra

2019-ART/INSTALLATION. Following the legacy of previous projects such as Bittercoin, the worst miner ever and Bitcoin of Things (BoT), proposes transforming music instruments in Bitcoin miners. Combining the interactive, playful […]

Bitcoin of Things (BOT).

2017-ART/INSTALLATION/WORKSHOP. This is a Workshop addressed to those who have concerns with Media Art, Digital culture, Critical Economy, Electronics and Internet of Things (IoT). Theoretically, it introduces concepts, examples, art-works […]


2017-ART/NETBOT. Time-Based-ScreenShot (TBSS) is a NetBot programmed to produce automated Screenshots from the Computer Desktop and post them on Social Networks every 5 minutes. Time-Based-ScreenShots talks about concepts such as […]

2015-NET-ART “Not Found exhibition” is a display of online NETart artworks that are no longer active. Works that have disappeared for reasons other than their original paths and are lost […]

BITTERCOIN, the worst miner ever.

2016-ART/INSTALLATION. Bitttercoin is an old calculator machine hacked to be used as a miner validating the pending bitcoin transactions in the blockchain. It combines Internet of Things (IoT), media archaeology […]

Data Polluters.

2016-ART/WORKSHOP. Data Polluter is a didactic strategy to provide a larger quantity of noise information to Analysis-Trackers and Data-Brokers. Physical NETbots, WorKShoP. !!!DO-IT-YOURSELF DO-IT-VIRAL!!!!!!!!! This Workshop focuses on basic circuit […]


2015-ART/INSTALLATION. The extraction and monetization of private data is a reality that directly affects all citizens of the world today. It is a business model based on the capture, processing […]

Shopping Trolleys Liberation Front (STLF).

2014-ART/ACTIVISM. STLF is an actionist movement focused on copying and the reproduction of SHOPPING CART unlock devices, modeling and exporting them in 3D printable standard (.stl) for free download and […]


2014-ART/INSTALLATION “Tapebook”is an exercise in media archaeology. It involves the conversion of data which are extracted from social networks into audio documents. They are recorded on cassettes. “Tapebook” takes the […]

Keyboard of Things [KoT].

2011-ART/INSTALLATION. keystroke dynamics have been used to identify and authenticate users for decades. Variables like the number of mistakes and the number of special characters or longer pauses in typing […]

File_món Videogame/Gifs/App.

FILE_MON-2.0-Video_Game is an example of  application programmed to execute actions by itself behind the GUI and users gaze.   FILE_MÓN-2.0- the Video_Game is an exercise of media archaeology. Inspired in […]