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The project Interfight (2015) is a series of physical bots, (DataPolluters) that interacts freely through touch-screens accessing to social networks, browsers and webs. These untraceable bots, behaves as intruders: taping, clicking, scrolling randomly, opening and closing applications or taking decisions, in order to provide wrong information for tracking and website analysis. Inter- fight obfuscates the mechanism of data capture and data analysis in platforms such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, or Aliexpress, being an important ally in the fight against Surveillance Capitalism.

It works by taking the human body capacitance as input, through conductive material, and interacts with another graphical interface on capacitive surfaces like touch-screens. The contact between both interfaces, cause a physical reaction (gravity, friction, vibration). They are a paradoxical method to emphasizes the presence of the interfaces in our lives.  + INFO.

Interfight is a playful and artistic installation where users can interact with small robotic interfaces, at the same time these robots scroll and move on a touch-screen located on the floor of a cage where is displayed an interactive map.


– Drugo More, Critical Triggers, with Martín Nadal, Rijeka (Croatia).
– Aksioma, Critical Tiggers, Ljubljana (Slovenia).
– SciTechArt Society for Scientific and Technological Art,“Art in Process – Process in Art”, curated by Penesta Dika, Vienna (Austria).
– KIKK2016, International Festival of digital and creative cultures. Namur (Belgium).
– ARS ELECTRONICA CENTER, Interface Culture Pop Up Show at AEC, 30/04/2016 Linz (Austria).
– INTERFACE POLITICS, 1º International conferences. HANGAR, Production and Research Centre for Visual Arts in Barcelona.
– ISMAR2015 14th. International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality, Fukuoka (Japan). PDF Catalog
SPECULUM ARTIUM 2015, 7th international festival of new media culture. Trbovlje (Slovenia).
ARS ELECTRONICA 2015. Post City, Linz (Austria).
HANGAR. Center for Art Research and Production, Barcelona MEMBRANA – Residency For Artistic Interface Criticism PIPES Participatory Investigation of Public Engaging Spaces. a collaborative project of the European cultural associations: ZKM | Karlsruhe, CIANT (Prague), HANGAR (Barcelona) and BRAINZ (Prague).


The Metainterface, The Art of Platforms, Cities, and Clouds By Christian Ulrik Andersen and Søren Bro Pold, The MIT Press. 2018.

How The Arts Can Help Tangible Interaction Design: A Critical Re-Orientation, by Enrique Tomás, Interface Culture, University of Art and Design Linz, 2017.

In a New Situation, We Need a New Situationism – Manifesto for a smart city by Christian Ulrik Andersen & Søren Bro Pold, Interface Politics, 2016.





 Technical Suppor & Special thanks Enrique Tomás.

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“Critical Interface Manifesto” + INFO.

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