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File_món Videogame/Gifs/App.

FILE_MON-2.0-Video_Game is an example of  application programmed to execute actions by itself behind the GUI and users gaze.  

FILE_MÓN-2.0- the Video_Game is an exercise of media archaeology. Inspired in video games platforms such as Space Invaders, FILE_MON-2.0. The Video Game, proposes an interactive and educational journey through the history of computing and storage media. FILE_MÓN-2.0- the Video_Game, mimics the aesthetic of the computer desktop, use the cursor as an avatar and shoots recycle bins against the enemy. The enemies are folder falling from the top of the desktop, when the enemy is shot, the game take a screenshots by itself saving and store it in the computer desktop, being able to collapse the ROM-memory if the recreational activity continues for a long period of time. When the game is over, the user finds his or her desktop full of folders. FILE_MÓN-2.0- the Video_Game is just an example of application programmed to realize actions by itself and execute it behind the user gaze.

File_painting is an application that mimics the computer desktop and modifies screen surface by additive techniques. File_painting changes the comprehensive use of the desktop actions becoming the GUI in a playful experience

Free Download FILE_Painting, Applications.
Windows32Bits Windows64Bits.. MacOsx Linux32bits Linux64Bits
Improves application, download code. Download Processing .






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