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César Escudero Andaluz (Ph.D. Candidate) is an artist and researcher focused on Human-Computer Interaction, interface criticism, digital culture and its social and political effects. His work spans image-making, sculpture, videogame, installation, networked culture, IoT, robotics, interfaces appropriations, media archaeology. Since 2011 he has been researching at the Kunstuniversität Linz in Interface Culture LAB.


Keynote. ISEA, International Symposium on Electronic Art. Montreal, (Canada).

Keynote. MONEYLAB#8 Minting a Fair Society. Aksioma + Institure of Network Cultures. Ljubljana, (Slovenia).

Exhibition. AMRO Art, hacktivism & open culture. Linz, (Austria).

Keynote. AMRO Art, hacktivism & open culture. Linz, (Austria).

Exhibition. TABAKALERA International Centre for Contemporary Culture. San Sebastian, (Spain).

Lecturer.  INTERFACE CULTURES Post-media Practices at KunstUniversität Linz, (Austria).

Lecturer.  INTERFACE CULTURES Journal Club at KunstUniversität Linz, (Austria).


DUO Exhibition. Drugo More, Critical Triggers, with Martín Nadal, Rijeka (Croatia).
Workshop. Drugo More, Bitcoin of Things Workshop,Rijeka (Croatia).
Workshop. School of Machines, making belive, FROM THE HISTORY OF MONEY AND FINANCE TO BLOCKCHAIN AND CRYPTO, Berlin (Germany).
Workshop. Chronus Art Center (CAC) and ZKM, Bitcoin of Things Workshop, Shanghai (China).
Exhibition. Chronus Art Center (CAC) and ZKM, Open Codes, Shanghai (China).
Interview. ONLINE the platform CASTING SCREENS, a digital exhibition space of artistic screencasts, by Tina Sauerlander.
Workshop. Gaité Lyrique. Bitcoin of Things Workshop, Paris, (France).
Keynote. POM Politic of Machine conferences, Beirut (Lebanon).
Workshop. Interface Cultures, KunstuniversitätLinz, Self prevention Devices, Linz (Austria).
DUO Exhibition. Galeria Tabacka, Blockchain in art, with Martín Nadal (Slovakia).
Exhibition. Bureau Europa, The Architecture of Trust” (Netherland).
Keynote. MoneyLAB#6. Institute of Network Cultures, Infrastructures of Money, Critical Mining, Bitcoin and Blockchain in contemporary art, (Germany).
Workshop. MoneyLAB#6. Institute of Network Cultures. Infrastructures of Money, Bitcoin of Things (BoT), (Germany).
Exhibition. Mobile Week, Disseny Hub Barcelona, (Spain).
Workshop. From the democratization of cryptography to the appearance of cryptocurrencies, (Austria)
Publication. THE WORK OF ART IN THE AGE OF ITS TECHNOLOGICAL DISTRIBUTION . The Internet of other people’s things, edited by: – Linda Kronman, Andreas Zingerle
Workshop. Aksioma+ALUO+Interface Cultures. Bitcoin of Things (BoT),  (Slovenia).
Workshop.  Aksioma+ALUO+Interface Cultures. Data Polluters, (Slovenia).
Solo exhibition. Aksioma, Critical Tiggers, (Slovenia).
Lecturer.  INTERFACE CULTURES Post-media Practices at KunstUniversität Linz (Austria).


Talk.  Interface Politics After Post-Truth II International conferences, (Spain).
Exhibition.  Kate Vass Galerie Perfect & Priceless, Value System on the Blockchain, (Switzerland).
Exhibition.  Ars Electronica ERROR, The Art of Imperfection, Volkswagen We Space (Germany).
TalkWRO CENTER Bitcoin Miner Orchestra, Wroclaw (Poland).
Workshop. WRO CENTER Bitcoin of Things (BoT), Wroclaw (Poland).
Residence  WRO CENTER Austrian Cultural Forum, Wrocław (Poland).
Workshop.  Electro Museum Bitcoin of Things (BoT), Moscow (Russia).
Exhibition.  Electro Museum Mad Money, Moscow (Russia).
Lecturer.  INTERFACE CULTURES Post-media Practices at KunstUniversität Linz (Austria).
Interview. Neural “Blockchain, the Truth Catalyst” by Martín Nadal.
Exhibition. Ars Electronica at European Forum Alpbach (Austria).
Publication. Neural “Pimping the eye, VR Now” Hacktivism, FUCK-ID.
Exhibition. ADAF14th Athens Digital Art Festival, #SINGULARITY NOW, Athens (Greece).
Exhibition. Ars Electronica @ SAP Headquarter Pavillion Walldorf (Germany).
Exhibition. Science Gallery HUSTLE” Detroit (USA).
Exhibition. O*B+, Otra Puta Bienal Más Galería 6más1. Madrid (Spain).
Workshop. ADAF14th Athens Digital Art Festival, Data Polluters, Athens (Greece).
Workshop. ADAF14th Athens Digital Art Festival, Bitcoin of Things (BoT) (Greece).
Workshop. AMRO Art, hacktivism & open culture, Bitcoin of Things (BoT). Linz, (Austria).
Talk. TRANSMEDIALE Research/PhD Workshop Research Values, APRJA. (Germany).
Talk. TRANSMEDIALE Book presentation, THE METAINTERFACE, MIT press. (Germany).
Lecture. POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY OF VALENCIA Interface Dissidence. (Spain).


Exhibition.*  ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Mediem Karlsruhe, Open codes (Germany).
Exhibition.*  SciTechArt Society for Scientific and Technological Art “Art in Process – Process in Art”, curated by Penesta Dika, Vienna (Austria).
Exhibition.*  INJUVE Estudio Escritorio, curated by Antonio Ferreira (Spain).
Exhibition.*  NODE Forum for Digital Arts, DESIGNING HOPE, Frankfurt (Germany).
Exhibition.*  SOBREEXPOSICIÓN Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo. Montevideo (Uruguay).
Exhibition.*  PLASTIC PLANET Azkuna Zentroa. Curated by Jaime de los Rios, Bilbao (Spain).
Exhibition.*  ADAF 13th Ahtens Digital Art Festival, #POSTFUTURE, Athens (Greece).
Exhibition.*  WRO 17th Media Art Biennale, DRAFT SYSTEMS Wroclaw (Poland).
Lecture.*  NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF COLOMBIA. Internet Dissidence, Bogotá (Colombia).
Talk.*  RE:TRACE The 7th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology (Austria).
Lecture.*  AARHUS UNIVERSITY on Digital Aesthetics. (Denmark).
Workshop.*  NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF COLOMBIA. Internet Dissidence, Bogotá (Colombia).
Workshop.* AARHUS UNIVERSITY. Interfight Kit NETBOTS, on Digital Aesthetics Master.
Workshop* NODE Forum for Digital Arts, DESIGNING HOPE, Frankfurt (Germany).

Workshop* ARTS SANTA MONICA. Diffractive Interfaces, Barcelona, (Spain).


Exhibition.*  KIKK, International Festival of digital and creative cultures. Namur (Belgium).
Exhibition.*  PRICELESS, Media Art and the Art Market, Curated by Alessio Chierico. Linz (Austria).
Exhibition.*  ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL, Radical Atoms, Linz (Austria).
Exhibition.*  The Art Fair – L21 Gallery, Curated by Pau Waelder, Mallorca (Spain).
Exhibition.*  CAT HEROICUS SUBLIMIS!, Curated by Tina Sauerländer and Peggy Schoenegge (Online).
Exhibition.*  ARS ELECTRONICA CENTER, Interface Culture Pop Up Show at AEC, Linz (Austria).
Exhibition.*  ROME MEDIA ART FESTIAL. MAXXI-Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo, Rome (Italy)
Exhibition.*  REMOTE SIGNALS Curated by Pau Waelder, ARSi maja, Tallinn (Estonia).
Exhibition.*  UNLIKE designed by Thomas Cheneseau, Espace Mendes, Chapelle des Augustins, Poitiers (France).
Exhibition.*  O*F+, Otra Puta Feria Más, Una reflexión sobre el mercado del arte, las ferias y la especulación. Galería 6más1. Curated by Julio Falagán. Madrid (Spain).
Talks* INTERFACE POLITICS, 1st International conferences. HANGAR, Production and Research Centre for Visual Arts in Barcelona. Bau, Design College of Barcelona.
Workshop.* ART MEETS RADICAL OPENNESS. Festival dedicated to art, hacktivism & open culture, Physical NET-bots, Linz, (Austria).
Workshop.* ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL. Radical Atoms, Mini-maker Faire, Physical NET-bots, Linz, (Austria).


Exhibition.* SPECULUM ARTIUM 2015, 7th international festival of new media culture. Trbovlje (Slovenia).
Exhibition.* LAB_30, Media Festival, Kulturhaus abraxas, Klang Kunst Experimente, Augsburg  (Germany).
Exhibition.* ARS ELECTRONICA 2015. Linz (Austria).
Exhibition.* ISMAR2015. 14th International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality. Fukuoka (Japan).
Exhibition.* TRANSNUMERIQUES Awards (special GIF) VideoFormes/ARTour Edition (France).
Exhibition.* WRO,2015 16th Media Art Biennale, TEST EXPOSURE Wroclaw (Poland).
Exhibition.* Digital//Analog: Indifferenz,  Motorenhalle, Riesa Efau Kultur Forun. Dresden (Germany).
Exhibition.* GalleriaPiu, Disconform, curated By Vincenzo Estremo. Bologna (Italy).
TalkISMAR. The 14th IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality, Fukuoka (Japan). Panel discussion. Matters of Embodiment. Moderator: Julian Stadon.


Exhibition.* COESPAI Traspassar la línia Post-lectures, Girona (Spain)+INFO.
Exhibition.* #NFCDAD WROCłAW biennale of digital & internet art in Wroclaw, (Poland).+INFO
Exhibition.* MEM FESTIVAL Experimental Arts International Festival, Experimento BIO 2014 “Spetial Mention”. (Spain).
Exhibition.* R.A.M. New Media Art Festival- “Random Access Memory” , Arad Art Museum, (Romania).
Exhibition.* ARS ELECTRONICA 2014,Interface Cultures, 10years, Linz, (Austria).
Exhibition.* ESPACE VERNEY-CARRON, NOTRE ITINÉRAIRE,Curated by Alexis Jakubowicz, Artist: Aram Bartholl, Hassan Darsi, Manuel Fernandez, Bodys Isek Kigelez, Florent Lagrange, Simon Nicaise, Jean-Christophe Nourisson, Vann Punk, Evan Roth and Addie Wagenknecht. Lyon (France).
Exhibition.* RE/MIXED MEDIA FESTIVAL IV, New York City (USA). +INFO:
Exhibition.* LA VICTORIA ART CENTER/Muzeul National de Art Contemporana, Use at your own risk. Interface Culture, Bucharest (Romania).
Exhibition.* TATE COLLECTIVES, 1840s GIF Party, Late at Tate Britain. London (Great Britain).
Exhibition.* COPIE COMPAINS CLUB, Online exhibition. URL.
Exhibition.* BB15, Inhabited Interface, Interface Culture. Linz (Austria).


Exhibition.* BYOB, Barcelona+II. Centro de arte MUTUO (Spain). URL.
Exhibition.* THE WRONG, New Digital Art Biennale, Pluton, Valencia (Spain).+INFO.
Exhibition.* INCUBARTE. 6th International Art Festival. MUVIM, Museo Valenciano de la Ilustración y la Modernidad (Spain).
Exhibition.* ESPACIO ENTER, V International Festival of Creativity, Innovation & Digital Culture, Canarias (Spain).
Exhibition.* THE WRONG, New Digital Art Biennale, Online Exhibition  Homeostasislab   The-Age-of-the World-Picture.
Exhibition.* SHAKE YOUR MON3Y, Digital & Net.Art, Online Exhibition URL:
Exhibition.* ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL Use at your own risk. Interface Culture, Linz, (Austria).
Exhibition.* NOMADENETAPPE KUNST UND THEORIE. Metaphors, Interface Culture. Linz (Austria).


Exhibition.* MIMAA. III. International Exhibition of Advanced Music and Audiovisual. ShowroomAVM. Valencia (Spain).
Exhibition.* CENTRE OF EXPERIMENTS. HOUSE OF SCIENCE. Interface Cuisine, Interface Culture. Marivor, (Slovenia).
Exhibition.* ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL. 2012, Interface Cuisine, Interface Culture. Brucknerhaus Linz, (Austria).
Exhibition.* SPECULUM ARTIUM Digitalbigscreem 2012. Festival, Ljubljanan (Slovenija).
Exhibition.* PALACIO DE LOS SERRANO. Engraving and Innovation. 2007,2008, and 2009, Cultural Works Caja de Ávila (Spain).


Exhibition.* EXPANDER. Relational Art & Open Exhibition. Open Containerrr. Promenade, Linz. (Austria).
Exhibition.* OBSERVATORI 2011. 12th International Art Research Festival”By mistake: The accident as artistic engine.”  Reales Atarazazas. Valencia. (Spain).
Exhibition.* ESPACIO LA SALINA, The Burin and the Flesh of Paper Engraving. Alfara Fundation & Deputation of Salamanca. (Spain).


Exhibition.* ESPAY 27. Amortajados. Engraving.  Barcelona, (Spain).
Exhibition.* Alfara Gallery. Amortajados. Collective of engraving. Oviedo (Spain).
Exhibition.* ISCOD, Solidary for Haiti, association Julian Besteiro. Madrid, (Spain). .
Exhibition.* CON Gallery, Con-antidoto. Recorded, Barcelona (Spain).


Exhibition.* PRIZES SAN MARCOS, Room of exhibitions. Patio de las escuelas/Espacio la Salina. Salamanca (Spain).
Exhibition.* Gallery C.I.E.C Foundation. International Center of Contemporary Prints A Coruña (Spain).
Exhibition.* IKAS-ART, 1 ª National Meeting of universities, 2008, Bilbao (Spain).
Exhibition.* Itinerant Exhibition, Estudents of Pepe Fuentes Deputation of Avila, Torreón de los Guzmanes.- Caja de ahorros of Avila, 2009, Ávila (Spain).


ATA Grant. BEEP Electraonic Art collection, HANGAR, Eurecat, NewArtFoundation, Second prize, (Spain 2016).
HANGAR. Center for Art Research and Production, Barcelona MEMBRANA – Residency For Artistic Interface Criticism PIPES Participatory Investigation of Public Engaging Spaces. collaborative project of the European cultural associations: ZKM | Karlsruhe, CIANT (Prague), HANGAR (Barcelona) and BRAINZ (Prague 2015).
TRANSNUMERIQUES Awards (special GIF) ARTour Edition (France 2015).
MEM FESTIVAL Experimental Arts International Festival, Experimento BIO, “Spetial Mention” (Spain 2014).
INCUBARTE. 6th International Art Festival. 1º Prize,  (Spain 2013).
IKAS-ART, Selection, 1 ª National Meeting of Universities, (Bilbao 2008).
San Marcos Prizes “Spetial Mention”, . Engraving. University of Salamanca (2008).
San Marcos Prizes “Spetial Mention”, Sculpture. University of Salamanca (2008).
Vanguarcalasidia “Spetial Mention” .. Video-art. Salamanca (2007).


2018.* WRO Art Center. Wroclaw (Poland).
2018.* ZEM. Brandenburg Center for Media Studies & TRANSMEDIALE, Research/PhD Workshop Research Values, APRJA, A Peer-Reviewed Journal About.
2017.* RAUN. Artistic Residence Colombia National University. (Bogotá).
2015.* HANGAR. Center for Art Research and Production, Barcelona MEMBRANA – Residency For Artistic Interface Criticism PIPES Participatory Investigation of Public Engaging Spaces. collaborative project of the European cultural associations: ZKM | Karlsruhe, CIANT (Prague), HANGAR (Barcelona) and BRAINZ (Prague).
2011.* Universite Paris 8. Paris, (France).


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*NEURAL, Critical digital culture and media art. Link
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*D´ARS, Magazine of contemporary arts and culture, (IT) Ars Electronica 2013. Link
*EL JOLGORIO CULTURAL, Se venden se disparan Inconos. Artículo escrito por Eugenio Tisselli, publicado revista de difusión, crítica y creación cultural, social y ambiental desde Oaxaca. Impulsada por la Fundación Alfredo Harp Helú Oaxaca, distribuye gratuitamente diez mil ejemplares cada mes. Link
*EL PAÍS, blog Arte y Tecnología, La Nouvelle Cuisine del arte digital, Roberta Bosco y Stefano Caldana, 27/08/2012. Link
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