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2012-ART/ACTION. I WAS NOT HERE  is an action in virtual & physical space; furniture, bathrooms, walls, Webs and Blogs, by using QRs stickers.These QRs stickers in turn redirected to websites […]


2010-2020-ART/IMAGE. File_món  consist of a series of images generated on the computer desktop through the distribution of icons and files arranged over images. File_món uses physical world experience to talk […]


2012-ART/INTERVENTION. Tenia Simbionte harvests exhibition catalogs from museums and transforms them by including its own work of art, taking care of the layout, the font and style, as well as […]

Prokrastinieren und Abschalten

2012- ART/PUBLIC-SPACE.  Prokrastinieren und Abschalten, (procrastinate and passivate) is an intervention in public space. It mimic the aesthetics of information billboards from the city of Linz (Austria) and transforms them, […]


2012-ART/INSTALLATION Around 1800, JM Jacquard invented a loom that was automatically controlled by punched paper cards. The Loom was used to weave intrincate figurative images, including Jacquard´s portrait. Thus, a […]


2012-ART/NET. This Luther Blissett´s Facebook profile only have Luther Blissett friends.


SERIES: TECHNOLOGYCAL_NATURE. PROJECT OPEN IN 2005. ENGRAVING: intaglio printing, on zinc. 45×36+paper SuperAlfa. Concepts such as nature and technology are embodied by the more archaic system of technical reproduction. PRIZES […]