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Data Polluters.

2016-ART/WORKSHOP. Data Polluter is a didactic strategy to provide a larger quantity of noise information to Analysis-Trackers and Data-Brokers.

Physical NETbots, WorKShoP. !!!DO-IT-YOURSELF

DO-IT-VIRAL!!!!!!!!! This Workshop focuses on basic circuit development and welding. BEAM is a type of robotics that stands for Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, and Mechanics. It works by taking the human body capacitance as input, through conductive material, and interacts with another graphical interface on capacitive surfaces like touch-screens. The contact between both interfaces, cause a physical reaction (gravity, friction, vibration).

Theoretically, this workshop addressed to those who have concerns about critical Interfaces, new media, cultural politics and non-conformism towards the Internet data management, especially tracking Web site location and Web site analysis, design homogenization and GUI standards.


2018 .* Aksioma+ALUO+Interface Cultures. Ljubljana (Slovenia).

2018 .* ADAF14th Athens Digital Art Festival, Athens (Greece).

2017 .* AARHUS UNIVERSITY. Interfight Kit NETBOTS, on Digital Aesthetics Master (Denmark).

2017.* ARTS SANTA MONICA. Diffractive Interfaces, Barcelona (Spain).

2016.* ART MEETS RADICAL OPENNESS. Festival dedicated to art, hacktivism & open culture, Physical NET-bots, Linz (Austria).

2016.* ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL. Radical Atoms, Mini-maker Faire, Physical NET-bots, Linz (Austria).

DOWNLOAD: WKSP_Interfight-Do-it-yourself-kit.

One-day workshop taught by:

2016-04-19 11.35.00

Interfight is a series of physical bots, designed to complicate the relationship between systems, but also a paradoxical method to emphasizes the presence of the interfaces in our lives. They provide wrong information for tracking web site location, fighting against the design homogenization and GUI standards.

Interfight becomes especially interesting when it behaves freely through the tablet operating system. It acts as intruder: clicking, opening and closing applications, taking decisions, collapsing social networks, typing random comments and posting then in your name.

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