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Shopping Trolleys Liberation Front (STLF).

2014-ART/ACTIVISM. STLF is an actionist movement focused on copying and the reproduction of SHOPPING CART unlock devices, modeling and exporting them in 3D printable standard (.stl) for free download and printing.
¡¡¡We want to liberate the supermarket trolleys from the chains that bind them to capitalism!!!
STLF wants to voice our disagreement with this oppressive device (the trolley locking mechanisms) and we want to provide you with a tool to give them their liberation.
HELP THE CAUSE!!!! Download 3D model here   .stl

!!Money does not make you free!!!

STLF is an opensource project.

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One of the first shopping carts was introduced on June 4, 1937, the invention of Sylvan Goldman, owner of the Piggly Wiggly supermarket chain in Oklahoma City, There trolleys were free. Another shopping-cart innovator was Orla Watson who invented the swinging rear door to allow for “nesting” in 1946. years later, the operated locking mechanisms arrived with the only aims to destroy all freedom opportunities for the trolley society.

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