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2014-ART/INSTALLATION “Tapebook”is an exercise in media archaeology. It involves the conversion of data which are extracted from social networks into audio documents. They are recorded on cassettes.
“Tapebook” takes the information directly from the GUI, alters the rhizomatic (root-likes) structure of the hypertext and converts it into linear sequence of sounds.  The user is able to select and listen to recordings made from the text of philosophers, artists and writers who talk about media art in their profiles.


2019.* Drugo More, Critical Triggers, Rijeka (Croatia).

2019.* Aksioma, Critical Tiggers, (Slovenia).

2017.* EAC, Espacio de Arte Contemporaneo. Sobreexposición, Curated by Juan José Santos, Montevideo (Uruguay).
2016.* ROME MEDIA ART FESTIVAL 2016. MAXXI-Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo, Rome (Italy).
2016.* UNLIKE Exhibition designed by Thomas Cheneseau, supported by Espace Mendes France, Chapelle des Augustins – Poitiers (FR)
2015.* LAB_30, Media Festival, Kulturhaus abraxas, Klang Kunst Experimente, Augsburg  (Germany).
2015.* WRO,2015 16th Media Art Biennale, TEST EXPOSURE Wroclaw (Poland).
2015.* GalleriaPiu, Disconform, curated By Vincenzo Estremo. Bologna (Italy).
2014.* ARS ELECTRONICA 2014, Interface Cultures, 10years, Linz, (Austria).
2014.* BB15, Inhabited Interface, Interface Culture. Linz (Austria).

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“The economic model for what is called ‘Web 2.0’ is based on promoting the desire to share and exchange things, an attempt to make profits from the voluntary collaboration of its users and its potential for compiling data and making them available to the public. The new companies operating on the Internet base their role in promoting cooperative communities and managing access to the data and files contributed. This business model increasingly tends not to sell any product at all to the consumer, but rather sells the consumer to the product, integrating the user and the files he or she contributes into the actual service being offered.”

Juan Martin Prada University of Cádiz, Spain.

So what are the costs of this for social life?

This project arose from talks between Martín Nadal and César Escudero.


– Aaron Koblin (Profile).
– Aaron Swartz (Profile).
– Abby Wagenkneacht (Profile).
– Additivism (Page).
– Alessio Chierico (Profile).
– Alexei Shulgin (Profile).
– Anthony Antonellis (Profile).
– Antonin Laval (Profile).
– Arduino (Page).
– Ars Electronica (Page).
– Ben Grosser (profile).
– Bill Seaman (Profile).
– Bob Dobbs (Profile).
– Bruno Latour (Page).
– Carrie Gates (Pofile).
– Casey Reas (Profile).
– Catherine Ikam (Profile).
– Christa Sommerer (Profile).
– Christiane Paul (Profile).
– Christopher Baker (Profile).
– Clift N. Anthony (Profile).
– Cory Arcangel (Profile).
– Daniel G. Andújar (Profile).
– Daniel Rehn (Profile).
– Daniel Rozin (Profile).
– David Garcia Torres (Profile).
– David Rokeby (Profile).
– Don Ritter (Profile).
– Ed Tannenbaum (Profile).
– El arte en la Edad del silicio (Page).
– Enrique Tomás (Profile).
– Erica Lapadat. (Profile).
– Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG (Page).
– Eugenio Tisselli Vélez (Profile).
– Eugene Kogan (Profile).
– Francisco Papas (Profile).
– Frank Popper (Profile).
– Felipe Rivas San Martín (Profile).
– George Legrady (Profile).
– Gilles Deleuze (group).
– Gilles Lipovetsky (Profile).
– Golan Levin (Profile).
– Gregory Chatonsky (Profile).
– Gunalan Nadaraja (Profile).
– Gustavo Romano (Profile).
– Guy Debord (Page).
– Hans Bernhard (Profile).
– Harun Farocki (Page).
– IC art&design – sharing inspiring (Group).
– Ignacio Ramonet (Profile).
– Igor Stromajer (Profile).
– Influ Bani (Profile).
– Interface Culture (Page).
– Intimidad Romero (Profile).
– Irene Roderas (Profile).
– Ivan Petkov (Profile).
– Jaap Blonk (Profile).
– Jacques Lacan (Page).
– Janez Jansa (Profile).
– Jean Baudrillard (Profile).
– Jeffrey Shaw (Profile).
– Jeremy Balley (Profile).
– Joana Moll (Profile).
– Jonas Lund (Profile).
– Joseph Nechvatal (Profile).
– Juan Martin Prada (Profile).
– Julia Nuesslein (Profile).
– Jussi Parikka (Profile).
– Kaja Cxzy Andersen (Profile).
– Karen Eliot (Profile).
– Ken Feingold (Profile).
– Ken Goldberg (Profile).
– Ken Rinaldo (Profile).
– Kim Asendorft (Profile).
– Kit Galloway (Profile).
– Lai Milo (Profile).
– Lev Manovich(Profile).
– Luc Courchesne (Profile).
– Luther Blissett & Friends (Page).
– Lynn Hershman (Profile).
– Manuel Castells (Page).

– Mar Canet (Profile).
– Marc Garrett (Profile).
– Marcel-li Antunez Roca (Page).
– Marcelo Exposito (Profile).
– Maria Sester (Profile).
– Mario Santamaria (Profile).
– Mario Romera (Profile).
– Masaki Fujihata (Profile).
– Marshall Mcluhan (Profile).
– Martin Kaltenbrunner (Profile).
– Martín Nada (Profile).
– Master Artes Visuales y Multimedia (Group).
– Media Art Culture (Group).
– Media Art Platform (Group).
– Media Art Histories RESEARCH (Group).
– Media Arts Education (Group).
– Media Archaeology (Group).
– Megafone Net (Profile).
– Michael Bielicky (Profile).
– Michael Foucault (Page).
– Michael Naimark (Profile).
– Michaela Kavdanska (Profile).
– MoBen Maurice Benayoun (Profile).
– Moises Mañas (Profile).
– Monika Fleischmann & Wolfgang Strauss (Profile).
– Mohehshin Allahyari (Profile).
– Net Art & Literature (Group).
– Nick Briz (Profile).
– Nicolas Borriaud. (Profile).
– Nicolas Magriet. (Profile).
– Nuria Güell (Profile).
– Ole Fach (Profile).
– Oliver Grau (Profile).
– Paco Barragán (Profile).
– Paolo Cirio (Profile).
– Pau Alsina (Profile).
– Pau Waelder (Profile).
– Paul Sermon (Profile).
– Paul Virilio (Group).
– Perry Hoberman (Profile).
– Peter Weibel (Profile).
– Post Media Art (Group).
– Processing (Page).
– Pure-Data (Group).
– Rafaël Rozendaal (Page).
– Raphaël Isdantl (Profile).
– Reinhard Gupfinger (Profile).
– Remedios Zafra (Profile).
– Robert Pfaller (Profile).
– Roland Barthes (Profile).
– Rosa Menkman (Profile).
– Roy Ascott (Profile).
– Ryoji Ikeda (Profile).
– Salvatore Laconesi (Profile).
– Santiago Sierra (Page).
– Sam Bunn (Profile).
– Scott Snibbe (Profile).
– Sean Cubitt (Profile).
– Silvio Lorusso (Profile).
– Sonia Sheridan (Profile).
– Søren Pold (Profile).
– Stanza Dna (Profile).
– Stefan Tiefengraber (Profile).
– Suzanne Anker (Profile).
– Tatiana Bazzichelli (Profile).
– The creators Project (Page).
– The MIT Press (Page).
– The Yes Men (Profile).
– Thomas Cheneseau.(Profile).
– Tiziana Terranova (Profile).
– Vasily Zairsev (Profile).
– Victoria Vesna (Profile).
– Vilém Flusser (Page).
– Vuk Cosic (Profile).
– Walter Benjamin (Page).
– WikiLeaks (Page).
– Wolfgang Strauss (Profile).
– Zizek Studies (Group).

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