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Guerrilla NFT

2022-WORKSHOP/PERFORMANCE. This is a Workshop addressed to those who have concerns with NFTs, blockchain, the metaverse, media Art, digital culture, critical economy and hacktivism. Theoretically, it introduces concepts, examples, art-works and books in order to understand NFTs and Blockchain world in contemporary art. Practically this workshop is included in the ongoing art project Metamanteros, digital activist in Web3 and it proposes; a) to collaborate in a digital narrative, by creating an avatar able to sell pirate NFT in Second Life; b) to collaborate in a real life performance by selling pirated NFT in public spaces. The participant will get all the information to start a new “business”. No prior knowledge required. Please bring your computer and blanket.

INTERVIEW: “Guerrilla NFT. Exploring the socio-political dimensions of NFT technology” by Regine Debatty, at We Make Money Not Art

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