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Keyboard of Things [KoT].

Concerning the role of interfaces in surveillance, the artistic project Keyboard of Things, (2010) consist of a series of devices hybrid of computer keyboards and objects such as tennis rackets, pillows, boxing bags, grenades. By using these dyfunctionalized interfaces across social networks, mails or browsing, a user can type random sequences of text generating wrong information against patterns recognition by typing. Key- board of things use strategies such as obfuscation, confusion, hacking, disruption, gamification, to open discourses about interfaces functionality and surveillance.

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  • ”Por error: El accidente como motor artistico”. OBSERVATORI 2011. 12º Festival Internacional de Investigación Artística de Valencia. Reales Atarazazas. (Spain)
  • Relational Art &Open Exhibition. Open Containerrr. EXPANDER.Project 14th Dec to 21st, Promenade, Linz. (Austria).
  • Open House, INTERFACE CULTURE. Kunst Universität Linz Kolllegiumgasse 2/3 4010 LINZ, 27/04/2012. (Austria).
Technical Support Jorge Galvez

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