Writing_racket is a serie of Interactive installations in which the user through a ludic-interface, hybrid of tennis racket and computer keyboard, processes by random the information stored in the computer, instant results in a fortuitous sequence of texts.

Captura de pantalla 2013-03-26 a las 11.44.21EXHIBITIONS:

    • ”Por error: El accidente como motor artistico”. OBSERVATORI 2011. 12º Festival Internacional de Investigación Artística de Valencia. Reales Atarazazas. (Spain) http://www.observatori.com/
    • Relational Art &Open Exhibition. Open Containerrr. EXPANDER.Project 14th Dec to 21st, Promenade, Linz. (Austria). http://expanderrr.org/


Physical Interface, hybrid of pillow and computer keyboard & Interactive installation in which the user through the interface and the movement of his head writes a text that is automatically printed at the end, making the user co-creator of a poetic piece.Download PROCESSING CODEEXHIBITIONS:METAPHORS Exhibition. Nomadenetappe_ Kunst und Theorie. 01.02.-o8.02.2013, Linz (Austria).Interface Culture KunstUniversität Linz.Link to the text.


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