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Bitcoin Miner Orchestra

2019-ART/INSTALLATION. Following the legacy of previous projects such as Bittercoin, the worst miner ever and Bitcoin of Things (BoT), proposes transforming music instruments in Bitcoin miners. Combining the interactive, playful and performative features of the musical instrument with the critical approach to the cryptocurrencies electricity consumption and the economical music industry which is investing in new ways of monetisation and storage of music through blockchain.

Combining a Wi-Fi microcontroller and different sensors such as an accelerometer, microphones or buttons, generating a “Nonce” from its reads try to validate all the Blockchain pending transactions. Finally, the micro-controller is attached to music instruments, like keyboards, computer mice or maracas, by using them the object can potentially generate a big number of Bitcoins, playing with the idea of finding the philosopher’s stone. These devices give the possibility to the musician to earn Bitcoin during their performance.

This project is expandable to a workshop format where participants are invited to create their own miner-instruments. This is a Workshop addressed to those who have concerns with Media Art, Digital culture, Critical Economy, Electronics and Internet of Things (IoT). Theoretically, it introduces concepts, examples, art-works and books in order to understand Bitcoin and Blockchain world. Practically proposes to work with a basic electronic circuit, welding and microcontrollers building a playful bitcoin miner. The objective is to transform daily life objects (E.g. Maracas, hammers or salt shakers) into Bitcoin miners able to connect to the blockchain, calculating a hash to trying to get a reward of 12.5 Bitcoins.

Project by Martín Nadal & César Escudero Andaluz.


2019.*  Drugo More, Critical Triggers (Rijeka).

2019.* Galeria Tabacka, Blockchain in art (Slovakia).

2019.* Aksioma, Critical Tiggers, (Slovenia).

Photo: Kristijan Vučković
Photo: Kristijan Vučković

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