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2012-ART/ACTION. I WAS NOT HERE  is an action in virtual & physical space; furniture, bathrooms, walls, Webs and Blogs, by using QRs stickers.These QRs stickers in turn redirected to websites of random users where it was posted pictures containing the sentence “I was here”[1].

I WAS NOT HERE is an appropriation act. It use images generated by other people, because “Have sense to go out and take more pictures when we can find  it ready made?[2]. Internet involves an authorship and originality crisis, this fact should make us reflect on what is an author.       Download QRs Sticker

Captura de pantalla 2012-12-08 a las 23.44.10DSC_0191



[1]  KILROY, the first graffiti artist who during the Second World War left its mark on the walls of a destroyed Europe. URL:

[2] FONTCUBERTA, Joan. Interview. Facultad Internacional de Andalucia. Sevilla, 2008


BARTHES, Roland «Retórica de la imagen», en Lo Obvio y lo Obtuso, Págs. 29-47. Paidos, Barcelona (1982) 1986.

Techlicks Sociedad Anónima. URL:


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