Tenia Simbionte is a collaborative artistic project and a pseudonym for a cultural reality with all its problems.

It harvests exhibition catalogues from museums and transforms them by including it´s own work of art, taking care of the layout, the font and style, as well as the composition, colors and images. During the exhibition period Tenia returns its parasite to its original stand.

Uses camouflage to become critical with the institution: with the museum, the art market, with artists, with the authority of the work, with context, with the curator, with the viewer, with art itself.

It is appropriationist, but never establishes a destructive relationship with the host, it rather engages in a “I win you win” relationship with it, adding creative input at the time of taking advantage ot it. http://teniasimbionte.wordpress.com/

In collaboration with Alex de las Heras

ACT_No.1 TENIA_Simbionte. Der Nackte Mann. Exhibition. LENTOS Museum, Linz (Austria).

IMG_2037 We behave like a parasite, but our goal is a symbiotic relationship where both organisms become beneficiaries. Like an Endoparasite it is also an Exoparasite, half inside and half outside of the organism. It has appeared in the host, printed, embedded and making a profit while the host is not harmed.

  Captura de pantalla 2013-11-18 a las 10.50.35 Same design and same typography that the original catalog. THe QR-Code Linked to the internet site where the image is stored . 2012-11-08 13.52.05
  LENTOS Museum gate. LENTOS Museum insite(up). QR access to image link(down)qr_img.php

Captura de pantalla 2012-11-03 a las 20.13.59

ACTNo.2TENIA_Simbionte LEOPOLD Museum, Der Nackte Mann. Exhibition. Vienna, (Austria).Screen shot 2014-11-15 at 12.07.33 Screen shot 2014-11-15 at 12.08.14

ACTNo.3TENIA_Simbionte LENTOS Museum, Slapstik Exhibition. Linz, (Austria). Nomadenetappe Kuns und Theorie, WorkShop IMG_1372

IMG_1365 IMG_1370   Tenia Simbionte Fake Wsp-1