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File_painting is an application that mimics the computer desktop and modifies screen surface by additive techniques. File_painting changes the comprehensive use of the desktop actions becoming the GUI in a playful experience

Free Download FILE_Painting, Applications.
Windows32Bits Windows64Bits.. MacOsx Linux32bits Linux64Bits
Improves application, download code. Download Processing .

ESPACIO ENTER, V International Festival of Creativity, Innovation & Digital Culture, Canarias 2013 (Spain).
-EL PAÍS,Archivos sobre lienzo digital. blog Arte y Tecnología, Roberta Bosco y Stefano Caldana. 02/12/2013.Link
NEURAL, Critical digital culture and media art, Link
SANKT INTERFACE DAY 2016, Interface Cultures, Linz (Austria).

Android application, done with the open source environment PROCESSING. Maraphone mimics musical instrument. When the phone is shaked produces sound, also you can choose diferent icons and send it to people from your contact list.

Download Processing Android Code.

Inteface Culture LAB.

Michael Holzknecht.
Chistina Dellemeschnig.
César Escudero.
Isidora Ficovic.
Supervisor: Tiago Martins.

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