ScrollerToy is a tangible interface that reproduces and repeats human actions automatically as: scroll, zoom or click, showing us how interface interactions can become in a repetitive routine and even increase in alienation. It Works by taking the human body capacitance as input, above capacitive sensor or surfaces like trackpads and touchscreens. Take up again old mechanical devices for reinterpret its functions. The software part mimic the tablet wallpaper, creating a new environment when the icons act like particles in a firework.

“We live in a complex world, filled with myriad objects, tools, toys, and people. Our lives are spent in diverse interaction with this environment. Yet, for the most part, our computing takes place sitting in front of, and staring at, a single glowing screen attached to an array of buttons and a mouse.” [1]




Supervisor: Martin kaltenbrunner.

[1] P. Wellner, W. Mackay, and R. Gold, “Computer-augmented environments. Back to the real world,” Communications of the ACM, vol. 36, no. 7, pp. 24–26,1993.