Writing_racket is a serie of Interactive installations in which the user through a ludic-interface, hybrid of tennis racket and computer keyboard, processes by random the information stored in the computer, instant results in a fortuitous sequence of texts.

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  • ”Por error: El accidente como motor artistico”. OBSERVATORI 2011. 12º Festival Internacional de Investigación Artística de Valencia. Reales Atarazazas. (Spain)
  • Relational Art &Open Exhibition. Open Containerrr. EXPANDER.Project 14th Dec to 21st, Promenade, Linz. (Austria).


    Physical Interface, hybrid of pillow and computer keyboard & Interactive installation in which the user through the interface and the movement of his head writes a text that is automatically printed at the end, making the user co-creator of a poetic piece.



    METAPHORS Exhibition. Nomadenetappe_ Kunst und Theorie. 01.02.-o8.02.2013, Linz (Austria).Interface Culture KunstUniversität Linz.

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    RANDOM READINGS, through visual telecommunication systems.

    Series of images and videos taken through a graphical interface that combines a recognition system Tracking-video and visual telecommunication systems.

    The recognition system for video tracking detects the threshold color changes in five different points located on the image surface.

    The information collected in these five points is decoded to an alphabetic system, ( Encoding shown in the lower images) finally the letter is printed on the surface of the screen (green text ) together with the other values ​​obtained from the readings of the differents screenshots. MORE INFORMATION:



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  • Open House, INTERFACE CULTURE. Kunst Universität Linz Kolllegiumgasse 2/3 4010 LINZ, 27/04/2012. (Austria).<ahref=””&gt;






    -USE AT YOUR OWN RISK , Interface Culture, ARS ELECTRONICA. 2013, 3-8 September. Brucknerhaus Linz, (Austria).Ars Electronica.
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